The Why…

The why…

A recent survey revealed that 3 out of 4 CEOs plan to make innovation a greater priority this year.  For these leaders, innovation doesn’t only mean quickly creating new products or services. It also means taking costs out of processes and aligning leadership, capabilities, technology and organizational structures to foster a more innovative organization and culture.

In our globally connected digital economy, information and communications technologies define business success.

Still, the latest research shows that only 7% of the IT budget is spent on innovation.

We affectionately, if sometimes resentfully, refer to this as the ClO Catch-22.  Despite clear evidence that IT savvy firms are a competition-crushing 20% more profitable than their competitors, CIOs still report significant pushback as they promote innovation in their strategic business plans.

Providing leadership in solving today’s innovation challenges is one of the ILS’ primary goals.  Optimally, arriving at a base set of conclusions regarding the business needs discussed, the deliverable to each ILS member is a strategic framework that can be used for discussions and business planning with your organization’s executive leadership team.Process

Discovery and research will be conducted prior to all ILS meetings to ensure we are addressing the most critical issues across the industry and most pressing across executive responsibilities.  Industry-specific market research is conducted on behalf of the ILS to identify technology trends and innovations as well as identify emerging challenges and solutions. Research findings serve to guide member organizations and provide information that will support the group in solving business transformation challenges.