Strategic Business Alignment Continued

Business Drivers Assessment

  • Research/Summary of Industry Drivers
  • Competitor Overview and Marketplace Positioning
  • Research/Summary of Business and Technology Trends
  • Compilation/Alignment of Goals, Objectives and Metrics

Business Architecture Assessment

  • Business Operating Context Modeling
  • Business Capability Overview and Process Definitions
  • Line of Business Capability and Interaction Modeling
  • As-Is Capability and Process Modeling
  • Process Decomposition Detailed Analysis

Technology Architecture Assessment

  • Application Assessment Matrix w/Asset Improvement Requirements
  • Data/Domain Interaction Model
  • Application Component Descriptions
  • Solution Information Model of ‘As-Is’ Technical Architecture w/Interactions
  • Solution Information Model of “As-Is’ Infrastructure (High-Level)
  • Scope/Purview Application Portfolio and Strategies

Business & Technology Future Architecture Recommendation

  • smooth stones.iStock_000007042277MediumGuiding Principles
  • Future Application Component and Architecture
  • Future Data Sourcing and Architecture
  • Potential Transition Architectures and Phases/Waves

Migration Planning

  • Investment Impact to Capability Model (LOB and Enterprise)
  • Initial Scoping of Potential Projects/Initiatives
  • Preliminary Cost / Benefit Analysis and Value Assessments


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