Stop/ Start/ Continue (Continued)

Value stream mapping – Utilizing a combination of interviews, existing documentation reviews, process flow software, process agreements and facilitated work sessions, to assess and document each step in the desired process. This includes an assessment of all constraints, gaps and desired capabilities and outcomes.

database planProcess re-engineering – Our optimization method identifies the bottle necks, inefficiencies and improvement options, consultants then work with your team to re-engineer the process, removing unnecessary or redundant steps, automating remaining steps within the process and reducing the number of people and hand-offs that occur.

Process measurement & benchmarking – We measure the quality and cycle time associated with each process. This is compared with market and industry information to understand the “norm” for organizations of similar size offering similar products. Each aspect of the current process is evaluated to determine whether it is a value added activity, necessary business activity, or an unnecessary step in the process. We also look at the number of people involved in the process, and the number of hand offs that occur, measuring the amount of time required for each step.

Process deployment – We work with your team to train them on all aspects of the new processes in preparation for the cut-over date. Together, we establish a “conversion date” to begin the new processes. Soon your team is up and running on their own, with the expertise and knowledge necessary for successful operations in today’s complex marketplace.

Regulation enforcement – We then review the new process, making sure that all constraints have been met, including company policy, good business practices and recognition of resource limitations.

Solution development – The improved processes are only beneficial if they can be consistently achieved with existing resources. We work with your team to ensure that the tools, systems and people are in place to support those processes.


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