Our Team

Cal Munkvold

Cal is a results oriented business and technology leader with over 20 years of experience in building, organizing, and leading technology organizations, teams, and projects. His experience includes corporate, company, division, and team leadership. With a unique blend of business and technology acumen, an open and consultative style approach allows him to envision and implement positive change that impacts the organizations bottom line. From startup companies to international organizations, Cal has been able to build, recruit, and grow high performance teams that deliver results and are capable of meeting any challenge. Through hands on leadership, he has been able to “turn around” poorly performing companies, IT projects, and dysfunctional teams by bringing out the best in individuals, challenging them to new performance and delivery levels designed to exceed customer expectations.

Cole Orndorff

Cole is an expert in process improvement, solution architecture, and project management. He has vast knowledge of database warehousing and teambuilding with a keen understanding and ability to work with disaster recovery.


Dominic Coates

A broadly experienced business advisor, program manager and enterprise solution architect focusing on enterprise business and technology architecture, systems integration, and information delivery and process/workflow development & resource management. Has the competence to play a key role in the areas of strategic enterprise-level architecture, information technology data and business modeling, architecture, program & project management and analysis.

Greg Sexton
IT/Developer data acquisition systems development


profile pic Dave
Dave Halbakken