KnowledgeWerx℠ Continued

Why KnowledgeWerx℠?

KnowledgeWerx leverages concept-based approaches and business model associations as opposed to keyword-based search methodologies which often retrieve irrelevant or unusable content. For example:

Search “Building Information Model” in Google yields 471,000,000 results…

In industries with broad and complex vocabularies, such as Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), current search technology limitations burden your professional staff with hours of research to find relevant content / intellectual property (IP), and ultimately a misuse of their valuable time.  KnowledgeWerx allows users to formulate questions and find results across websites, file systems, databases, content repositories (e.g. Web Center SharePoint, Documentum, etc.) and transactional systems (ERP and Field Facing Systems).  This is not enterprise search in the traditional sense, but rather a unique and patent-pending approach to Natural Language Processing that will deliver relevant results to your engineers, project managers, and sales/service teams where and when key knowledge is needed.

The KnowledgeWerx engine understands the user and their real intent, leveraging that insight to produce the relevant information needed to make critical decisions.

Engineering and Construction typical use cases include:

  • Field leadership demands up-to-date information on materials, sub-contractors, building information models, core systems and self-perform work for critical daily decision points.  Knowledgewerx allows access to the right information at the right time through its use of experience, relevance and employee demographics, using the best technologies available.
  • An Engineer needs to find historical project data or experience to assist with a current task or project. Organizations have decades of knowledge and IP. With Knowledgewerx, Engineers can more efficiently and effectively leverage key company experience and information. The key to success is having the right information in the right place at the right      time.
  •  Proposing the best team and appropriately staffing projects is a real challenge. Acquiring resources with the required experiences is difficult at best. Adding and retaining key details can be a challenge with the many CRM, Project and Resume/CV repositories.  Knowledgewerx allows users to find resources based upon specific experiential criteria from an array of systems, both native and hosted.

Knowledgewerx effectively addresses these critical shortcomings.

Your company has captured an incredible amount of valuable IP over the course of time.  Our goal is to deliver your knowledge to help secure your company’s future.


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