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The Innovation Leadership Summit (ILS) is an exclusive, invitation-only membership for ClOs (head technology officers) in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. These summit meetings empower members with the  latest research, information, strategic options, and innovation trends impacting industry ClOs.  Summit members shift from Chief Information leaders to Chief Innovation Officers, promoting the strategic business advantages to propel advanced technology and transformational initiatives throughout the organization.


Psychometric profiling of C-Level executive reveals that only 2.5% of these leaders possess  the mindset and critical thinking skills to innovate and transform organizations.  The group of transformation driven, technology supported leaders in Architecture, Engineering and Construction direct innovation for a global spend of $15 trillion annually.


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Dave Neitz, CIO CDM Smith

David Neitz joined CDM Smith as Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead Information Technology Services in February of 2014. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT for professional services firms, where he has excelled at building partnerships with team members, business partners, clients and executives. Most recently, Dave was the CIO for MWH Global, where he developed a transformational IT strategy and architecture to support a global business and collaborative workforce.

A recognized industry leader, Dave was chosen as one of Computerworld Magazine’s 2011 Premier 100 IT Leaders for delivering innovative technology solutions that support business outcomes and won CIO Magazine’s “Ones to Watch” Award and Standout Award for Change Leadership for his proven ability to lead teams, drive innovation and deliver value to the business. Dave holds a BS in business and computer information systems from the University of Phoenix and an Executive MBA from the University of Colorado.

Dave’s views on innovation & ILS:
“There has to be collaboration in your organization. Focus the creative energy on what matters most…
Articulate that vision.”


Dave Anderson, CIO CH2M Hill

David Anderson joined CH2M Hill as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in July of 2011. Anderson has more than 30 years of experience overseeing global teams working throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific in the engineering, construction, transportation, environmental, and energy markets. With extensive experience in project- and service-centric industries, Anderson hasa deep understanding of enterprise-scale technology

solutions, virtual design and construction, and comprehensive project management solutions. Previously Anderson was Oracle Corporation’s Group Vice President for its Global Services, Transportation and Construction business unit. Prior to joining Oracle, Anderson led the North American Engineering and Construction technology consulting practice for Cap Gemini/Ernst & Young. Anderson received his master’s degree in business administration from Ashland University and his bachelor’s degree in data processing from Ferris State University.

Dave’s views on innovation & ILS:
Technology’s purpose is to enable business. As CIO’s our job is to implement technologies that move the business forward.”


Julius Chepey, CIO API Group, Inc

Julius Chepey is the chief information officer of API Group Inc., a parent company to 40 independent fire protection, industrial, and specialty construction businesses located throughout North America and the United Kingdom. He is responsible for the strategic leadership and value generation of the Information Technology (IT) function at API. Chepey earned a Master of Business Administration from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He was the vice president of IT at J.D. Irving  Limited in New Brunswick, Canada, and the CIO and vice president of IT at M.A. Mortenson in Minneapolis.

In 2006, Chepey was honored at the “InformationWeek 500” annual awards from InformationWeek magazine for the most innovative use of information technology to increase a company’s profitability. Due to his experience, affiliations and leadership, Chepey is considered an expert in computer science, software engineering, and information systems.

Julius’ views on innovation and ILS:
“Our strategic goal is to help the organization innovate faster. Our work with ILS is to craft a preferred future state of the business, by examining data pre and post innovation and transformation.”


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A recent survey revealed that 3 out of 4 CEOs plan to make innovation a greater priority this year.  For these leaders, innovation doesn’t only mean quickly creating new products or services. It also means taking costs out of processes and aligning leadership, capabilities, technology and organizational structures to foster a more innovative organization and culture.

In our globally connected digital economy, information and communications technologies define business success.


Still, the latest research shows that only 7% of the IT budget is spent on innovation.

We affectionately, if sometimes resentfully, refer to this as the ClO Catch-22.  Despite clear evidence that IT savvy firms are a competition-crushing 20% more profitable than their competitors, CIOs still report significant pushback as they promote innovation in their strategic business plans.

Providing leadership in solving today’s innovation challenges is one of the ILS’ primary goals.  Optimally, arriving at a base set of conclusions regarding the business needs discussed, the deliverable to each ILS member is a strategic framework that can be used for discussions and business planning with your organization’s executive leadership team.


Discovery and research will be conducted prior to all ILS meetings to ensure we are addressing the most critical issues across the industry and most pressing across executive responsibilities.  Industry-specific market research is conducted on behalf of the ILS to identify technology trends and innovations as well as identify emerging challenges and solutions. Research findings serve to guide member organizations and provide information that will support the group in solving business transformation challenges.

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Primary Aims


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Focus 1:  The outcome of this discovery is to clarify what the most vexing industry challenges are from each CIO member’s perspective.  This phase begins on joining the ILS group with original research engaging ILS cohort expertise to define status of the industry, challenges, target market definition, guidance being sought by the target market, promising industry trends, industry pitfalls, and industry potential.

Focus 2:  ILS Cohort organizational discovery to establish baseline data from the C-suite and field leadership on their most pressing issues across member organizations. Discovery objectives will remain constant in order to disaggregate findings and draw conclusions for application of research: define status of the industry, challenges, target market definition, guidance being sought by the Outcome, discovery, challenges, organizations, research, expertisetarget market, promising industry trends, industry pitfalls, and industry potential.

Focus 3:  Based on the findings of the first two foci, the third study will be a deep dive into the critical issues and trends that will position ILS member organizations for competitive advancement.  The specific study parameters will be determined upon completion of the first two discoveries, providing timely and powerful intelligence into the market.


Innovation Leadership Summit: Is it a fit for you?

Innovation Leadership Summit: Is it a fit for you?


Take this quick test to see if you are a fit.  The top 2.5% of CIO’s, which are most capable of innovation, have the following characteristics.  Take a moment to evaluate yourself.

strategic vision, proper implementation, focused influence, growth, proactive, executed, infrastructure, relentless pursuit, intelligent risk taking

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If you are a fit for ILS based on this profile, please accept this invitation to join Advisory Board Member and host Dave Anderson of CH2M Hill at the Colorado Golf Club in beautiful Parker,

If you are a fit for ILS based on this profile, please accept this invitation to join Advisory Board Member and host Dave Anderson of CH2M Hill at the Colorado Golf Club in beautiful Parker, Colorado for the inaugural session of the Innovation Leadership Summit  in September of 2014.  Enjoy the highest levels of innovation, sunshine, mountain air, good humor…and possibly golf…that sets this group above the rest.


To join the innovation evolution, contact us today:
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Membership is limited.


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Industry Solution Provider Roadmaps:
The ILS’s virtual workspace contains strategic roadmap information from key solution providers in the industry, along with roadmap feedback from industry strategists and peers.  This information and insight helps in preparing you for your company’s strategic planning process.  Accessing this information, along with feedback, in one place saves precious time and provides clarity regarding how each solution provider’s strategy may align with yours.

ILS Innovators:

•Agree to be committed to ILS outcomes and flexible in approach.
•Agree to think creatively to address research questions and draw conclusions.
•Commit to actively participate.
•Commit to provide timely feedback – We cannot improve what we cannot measure.
•Commit to submit requested materials at least 48 hours ahead of scheduled meetings/calls.
•In the true spirit of the Summit Leadership Group, this non-disclosure agreement (also known as a confidentiality agreement) is a written agreement among the mastermind group members that all conversations, ideas and documents shared among members will remain strictly private and will not be shared with anyone else, including spouses, co-workers, vendors, or other 3rd parties, etc. without first obtaining express written authorization from DISCLOSING PARTY and ILS Advisory Board. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting any license, waiver or right to recipient with respect to any Proprietary Information disclosed under this Agreement.


In agreeing to join the Innovation Leadership Summit, you, the representative and the participating company, agree to hold harmless Lifecycle Technologies, its associates, its officers, employees, consultants, program facilitator, assistants and presenters.

2014 Annual Membership Dues $30,000
Payable in 2 semi-annual installments, due July 1,  2014 and January 1, 2015

2015 Annual Membership Dues forward will be determined in cooperation with the ILS Advisory Board.

Travel Expenses:
Travel expenses are the responsibility of each member


  • This agreement is based on the following assumptions:
  • All discussions during the ILS meetings are to be kept strictly confidential.  Any and all discussions that take place will not be shared outside of the confines of the meeting.  If it is determined that a member organization has shared information outside the confines of the meeting, that member organization will be ejected.
  • LTS will work with each executive and their leadership team to provide the confidential technology scorecard.
    Client will authorize and make available to LTS any relevant proprietary and sensitive material for discussion, questions, analysis and recommendation formation during this effort
  • Client will assign appropriate staff and time commitments for participation
  • Clients employees will respond in a timely manner to information and meeting requests to support this effort
  • ILS will work with each executive to provide the confidential technology scorecard. Each ILS member organization will provide the following to support this effort:
  • Members are required to maintain a confidential profile of their current technology solution set and their IT environment. The profile will include satisfaction levels associated with each solution and be used to build a composite of solutions being used by ILS members.
  • We look forward to your active participation in the Innovation Leadership Summit.


 To join the innovation evolution, contact us today:
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Membership is limited.