What is the AEC CIO Innovation Leadership Summit?
The Innovation Leadership Summit is an exclusive invitation only strategic business forum for chief technology officers of the top firms in architecture, engineering and construction, (AEC) to join together as thought leaders to discuss ground-breaking solutions to further innovation and transformation within the industry and their organizations.  

The Innovation Leadership Summit Mission and Vision
Our mission is to stimulate innovation in the AEC sectors by connecting CIO’s together with their industry peers to gain insight and answers to the critical questions of satisfying the industry demand for innovative technology today.

Our vision is to build a multi-channel, live networking platform for innovative technology professionals to openly discuss current and emerging issues, trends and solutions with a trusted network of peers in a neutral and confidential environment.  With 75% of CEOs planning to make innovation a greater priority this year, ILS empowers chief technology officers to play key strategic roles in organizational strategic design. 

What is the value proposition?
The Innovation Leadership Summit understands how IT Leaders highly value peer interaction and community based information sharing. This peer-based knowledge, the ideas generated via discussion, and the diverse set of perspectives is unique, and cannot be read in a book or purchased in a report.  These meetings are meant to empower members with the latest research, information, strategic options, and innovation trends impacting industry CIOs.
Today, IT leaders largely have to rely on their small, ad-hoc and informal networks alongside industry forums where peer engagement opportunities are often limited. The Innovation Leadership Summit bridges this gap by offering a professional framework for collaboration and peer engagement that offers the required frequency, reach and depth.

What are the main benefits of attending?

  • “Either you innovate and change or get left behind. This Innovation group has great value. ILS has my 100% support.” CIO $3 Billion AEC Company
  • “Innovation and transformation only happen in a broader group such as ILS.” CIO $2 Billion AEC company     
  • “Building relationships and working with my industry peers is worth the price of admission alone.” CIO $6 Billion AEC company
  •  “We as IT leaders are responsible for driving the transformation between business and technology.” CIO of a $3 Billion AEC firm
  • Get ideas and inspiration from leaders, practitioners, and optimization experts focused on discovering what works and what doesn’t.

Topics we address!

  • Elevating the role of the ILS CIO
  • Industry challenges
  • Transformational opportunities
  • Management best practices
  • Internal Customer Metrics
  • Technology scorecards
  • Customer Decision Dashboards
  • AEC market forecast and trends
  • Innovation horizons
  • Sustaining innovation
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Leveraging Collective Influence
  • Influencing Industry provider/vendor roadmaps


Who are the members of ILS?
The Innovation Leadership Summit (ILS) is an exclusive, invitation-only membership for CIOs (head technology officers) in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. These summit meetings equip members with the latest research, information, strategic options, and innovation trends impacting industry CIOs.  Summit members shift from Chief Information leaders to Chief Innovation Officers, promoting the strategic business advantages to propel advanced technology and transformational initiatives throughout the organization.

Can anyone be a member of the Innovation Leadership Summit?
Membership is restricted to senior technology leaders in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors.  The Innovation Leadership Summit is restricted to the top 20% of CIO’s in the AEC industry.  Membership is not open to those in functions such as sales, business development or marketing and is by nomination only.  Only a small percentage of C-level executives globally possess the mindset and critical thinking skills to innovate and transform organizations.  The executives that possess these qualities, make up an exclusive group of transformation driven, technology supported leaders. AEC leadership directs a global spend of $15 trillion annually. However, only 7% of this spend is directed towards innovation.

How does the Innovation Leadership Summit ensure that the members are valuable contributors and not just consumers of information?
The Innovation Leadership Summit carefully qualifies the members of the summit by ensuring that they hold relevant senior technology roles, and by considering their professional certifications, industry reputation, and propensity for innovation.

How was the Innovation Leadership Summit created? Been in operation?
The Innovation Leadership Summit was cofounded in 2014 by top CIOs in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Sectors, Dave Anderson CIO – CH2M Hill, Dave Nietz CIO – CDM Smith Inc., Julius Chepey CIO – API Group Inc., Kevin Hutchinson CIO – Skanska USA, and Mark Bryant – CIO PCL Constructors Inc., facilitated by Cal Munkvold, CEO of Lifecycle Technologies and Dr. Kimberly Bonniksen, CEO of Legend People, and will continually develop in response to feedback from the AEC community. We will continue to remain agile in order to best serve the needs of our group and of those we serve.

Is the Innovation Leadership Summit an event management firm?
No. The Innovation Leadership Summit is a facilitator of answers to key technology management questions. Unlike typical event management firms, the Innovation Leadership Summit develops its services in direct response to the needs of the AEC end user community rather than in response to vendors’ marketing fulfilment strategies.

Is the Innovation Leadership Summit aligned with vendors or solution providers?
No. The Innovation Leadership Summit is vendor neutral, independent and built by leadership professionals, for leaders.   This event is vendor-agnostic, meaning there will be no sale pitches, marketing, or influence from speakers or attendees.

Why is this event different from other CIO leadership events?
The Innovation Leadership Summit assembles key players in architecture, engineering and construction to bring these leaders together to engage in the development and implementation of  new and exciting ways to advance innovation and transformation agendas for organizational and industry benefit.  Rather than just another tradeshow or exhibition, the Innovation Leadership Summit is focused on building relationships so all members in these complex ecosystems can better understand and advance their objectives.

Who should attend?
Attendance is by invitation/nomination only, based on their fit and demand for their presence. Attendees undergo an extensive pre-qualification process. Once qualified, all members receive a full participation package.

What do I wear?
The dress code is business casual.

I’m interested in attending, but how do I qualify for my invitation?
Please contact Cal Munkvold at cal.munkvold@innovationls.com 

Qualified executives will be confirmed and receive additional information!