Why should a business leader care about employee

People are the No 1 assets in any organization, and it’s up to the organization’s leader to build, nurture and foster their talents and passions The reward is increased productivity, innovation and enhanced customer satisfaction, and that leads to an exponentially higher-performing organization.

Good leadership becomes good stewardship. “It helps people live out who God created them to be,” says Munkvold. He has led several forums groups himself over the years, and understands the importance of alignment.

How does En.gagementwerx benefit individual
contributors in my organization?

Most tools on the market identify and measure external factors (compensation, turnover rate, job satisfaction) to get more productivity out of a company’s work
force. With Engagementwerx, a business leader is helping team members harness what motivates them from within by delving deep into their value systems and talents It gives them the tools to self-identify what feeds their passions and brings meaning to their work life.

People are at their best when they’re aligned to something that’s worthwhile, something that matches their internal values, Munkvold says They want to experience autonomy, growth and fairness They want connections with their colleagues, they want to have trust in their leadership team, and they want to contribute to the goals of the business

When employee engagement is maximized, companies experience increased loyalty, growth and profitability,” Munkvold says “By creating a workplace where engagement is a priority, you’re building a sustainable organization where people can thrive and passions can flourish.”
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