Usability Design Analysis

dominoes.iStock_000007840016XLargeCIOs have reported for several years that Business/IT alignment tops the list of concerns they need to address within their companies. Yet, little consideration has been given to improving the usability of various business application software packages used throughout the organization. This includes software systems such as finance, call centers, order management, HR, distribution, and customer response management. For our purposes, business application software is any software used as part of a company’s specific processes to achieve its stated business objectives. Ironically, a business application’s usability problem is not simply a user problem. It is a serious business process issue that can have significant cost implications if left unchecked.

The consultants at Lifecycle Technology Services understand that the usability of a business application must be viewed and represented in a manner that optimizes the process it enables. They understand that the business benefits that come from a properly executed UDA process can represent productivity gains in the 100 to 200 percent range.
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