Industry-Specific Market Research:

Industry-specific market research is conducted on behalf of the ILS to identify technology trends and innovations as well as identify emerging challenges and solutions.  Research findings serve to guide member organizations and provide information that will support the group in solving business challenges.

Solution Dashboard:

Summit Conference, Industry-Specific Market Research, Solution dashboard, Technology Scorecard SummaryConfidential profiles of each member organization’s current technology solution set, IT environment, and self-reported satisfaction levels are aggregated and masked for confidentiality.  A composite dashboard is shared with all active members that highlight the current solutions being used by all ILS members with satisfaction criteria for each solution.

In addition to the composite solution dashboard, aggregates of satisfaction levels associated with each solution by specific vendor will be available for member use.  Over time, trending information on
solution effectiveness will be provided.

Technology Scorecard Summary:

Each member receives a confidential scorecard on an annual basis to compare your organization’s solutions and systems against those of other members.  This Summary is built in cooperation with each member’s IT leadership team to ensure key opportunities are identified, understood, and highlighted appropriately to support the member’s strategic planning process.